Post Occupancy Evaluation - SPINN HQ

This friday SPINN conducted a Post Occupancy Evaluation of the office space which we share with our friends and collaborators at Kontur AS and Topic. The study was done as a part of a research project for Strategic Area Planning at NTNU. SPINN partner James Dodson is taking the course as a part of his masters study in Property Development and Management.

More than just a research paper, the usability report on our own space is a chance to reflect upon how our physical environment effects the way we work, and how it creates (or hinders) cross office collaboration. The post occupancy evaluation envolves a five step process outlined in the USEtool. USEtool is a usability toolbox developed by NTNU and SINTEF as a set of tools for systematically evaluating building usability. 

Of course, USEtool doesn't say anything about serving a spicy Thai-food lunch with sparkling wine when conducting the group interview, but we thought it was important to set the mood on a friday afternoon.