Collaboration: SPINN's key to success.

SPINN Arkitekter is a small office that bases it's reputation on our partner's experience with schools and cultural buildings combined with the talent and hard-work of our younger staff. We choose to leverage these into new work by teaming up with carefully chosen collaborator offices that compliment our office profile. This strategic teaming allows us to work on important public projects that further our goals of creating meaningful architecture that has a positive impact on the world around us.

While the Mesterfjellet School construction site fills out day by day (in collaboration with our Danish partner CEBRA Arkitekter), we await interesting new contracts from our framework agreement with Undervisningsbygg (Oslo's educational property department). At the moment most off the office's creative capacity is engaged in the concept design phase of New Harestad School together with Alliance Arkitekter. This new 16,000m2 school project in Randaberg is the product of a public bidding process. Based upon a combination of price and experience Team SPINN / Alliance was chosen for our competitive hourly rates and by achieving the highest competency score based upon the experience and references of our team.

The briefing process and design development of the school with our client in Randaberg has been both inspiring and fruitful thus far. Our creative process and teamwork with Alliance is the product of many years experience in collaboration and team-building. SPINN's collaborative process meshes SPINN's Oslo office with Alliance team members in Stavanger and Oslo into a productive team through a series of intensive workshops, skype meetings, and the extensive use of Basecamp as our repository of creative exchange. The work is being carried out in the form of physical models, hand sketches, 3D modeling, 3D prints and BIM drawing/modeling. 

Today, we concluded an important two-day workshop with Live and Anne-Sofie from Alliance where we further developed key pieces of the new school's design including the 450 seat community cultural theater. The sketch-design phase concludes in mid-November and  schematic design is scheduled to start up in December.

SPINN Arkitekter and Alliance workshop Oct 2, 2013.

SPINN Arkitekter and Alliance workshop Oct 2, 2013.