Study trip to Marienlyst School in Drammen

Architects from SPINN + Alliance visited Marienlyst school in Drammen today on a study trip with representatives from New Harestad School in Randaberg. Principal Åse Kalfoss gave us a passionate and informative tour of her school. Geir Andersen from Drammen Eiendom also gave our group a presentation about the school's Passivhaus design and  impressive measured energy results from the first two years in use. Our own Kirstin Bartles supplemented underway with information about the design process, which she had first hand experience with while associate at Div.A Arkitekter.

Marienlyst is an iconic example of compact and energy efficient school design. div.A did a great job in creating a low-energy school with a great learning environment. It also scores well on daylight in the classrom, with 9.4 meters of facade per classrom according to Leif Houck's research project on "Daylight in Schools".


All told, a good day out of the office.