Mosseveien 16-20 in planning committee today

The Fredrikstad Kommune Planutvalget is meeting today to decide the fate of SPINN's largest mixed-use housing and retail project. Mosseveien 16-20 is a development project for Mosseveien 16 AS, which includes 32 new low-energy, universally accessable apartments on top of a 1600m2 retail store. The comments from the planning department to the committe are positive and suggest that the project be given planning permission in it's current form.

During the last year of development there are some slight differences between the new scheme, and the illustration project which was used for the area planning permission. The number of housing blocks has been reduced from 4 to 3, and the underground parking has been removed and placed on two levels within the volume of the retail space. These adaptations were made in collaboration with our client and engineers to improve the project economy given the difficult foundation requirements of the site and the cost and risk of underground parking on this site.

If all goes according to schedule demolition of the existing buildings can begin in early 2014, and construction of the project can commence shortly afterwards. Further project development and sales documents for the project will take place in the fall of 2013.