Mesterfjellet Construction Photos

The Mesterfjellet Construction gallery has been updated today with fresh photos from the building site. As per Norwegian tradition, the site is shutting down for summer holidays in July, so there won't be much activity on the web-cam until August rolls around. 

The main stair in precast concrete has arrived and is being installed today. A little over half of the 4 flight stair was completed before I left the building site at noon. One can really start to see the central space coming together now. The steel beams that will carry the precast concrete elements for the auditorium in the 3rd and 4th floor are also in place. Steel rods suspended from the underside of the auditorium will help support the concrete stairs once everything is in place.

A mock-up 4 x 4 meter section of outer wall is being built in the center of the first floor to test out the details and give the client an idea of the finished product. The Kebony outer cladding in varying widths is looking pretty god already. The massive 2.4 x 2.4 meter window will arrive early next week. The final installation with include window, solar shading, radiator, and all relevant flashing details.

 Photos in the Mesterfjellet Construction Gallery