New Harestad School - Collaboration

Design work has begun in earnest on SPINN's latest educational project - a 16,000m2 1-10 school in Randaberg. New Harestad School is being designed in collaboration with our friends at Alliance Arkitekter. 

To begin the project, SPINN and Alliance have consulted with the client to further develop of the project's room- and function program. We are now starting on real design work with site analysis and volume studies as the focus of our initial investigations.

As a part of our collaborative process SPINN and Alliance have weekly design workshops where different topics are explored and decided. In addition we use Basecamp as a collaborative project management tool to help manage our tasks and thoughts on-line. We also use Skype for quick meetings at the beginning of the week to touch base and discuss things face to face. (screen to screen).

This week we started our internal design workshop at SPINN HQ with a series of 40+ different possible configurations of the site. These studies incorporated and explored different placements of a green belt, site access, and the placement of one or two potential day-care facilities on the site. This is important to the big-picture view of the project, and to the ongoing area planning which is underway. Despite our thorough analysis of many different options, the team concluded that our initial intuitive placement of these elements was probably the best way forward. With the site questions settled, we broke in to smaller groups for a few hours to brainstorm on different arrangements of the building program on site. Compact, linear, circular, vertical, Y-shaped, X-shaped, dumbbell, village, open ended, spiral, and other options were sketched and built with the program blocks on our study site-model. Each team had 5 minutes to describe the most important features of the schemes they came up with. This was followed by a lively discussion by all where the positive and negative aspects of the concepts on the wall were rated and voted on. In the end, there were 5 schemes which were chosen for further development.  

Our goal is to present the client with 3 different, but viable options for the school at our next design meeting with the client. By then we will have developed and refined our initial ideas further into workable schemes with different qualities.

SPINN Arkitekter embrace a collaborative working model, where we can bring our experience and enthusiasm to large projects together with larger and more established offices. We are enjoying our collaboration with Alliance and look forward to the results we will produce together in Randaberg.