Leif Houck to lecture at TU Delft

SPINN Arkitekter are very pleased to have partner Leif Houck invited to lecture at TU Delft for the 5'th International Conference on Competitions (ICC2014), the 13-14 of February in 2014. Leif's lecture will be based on his new  research into architectural competitions entitled "Are Clients, Architects and Juries becoming environmental? A critical view on the competition briefs and juries' assesments in relation to the outcome in ten school competitions".


This paper first examines how evaluation criteria for judging architecture evolve over time. Secondly it takes a look on how new assessment criteria are emphasized when judging architecture. Finally this paper seeks to study to what degree the new assessment criterion, whether a project is environmental or not, is emphasized. This is studied through the examination of ten school competitions in Norway. The clients’ competition briefs, the assessment criteria, the competitors’ proposals and the juries’ assessments are compared in respect of the qualities daylight and being environmental. Based on the results from this study, one conclusion is that the environmental criterion is a new parameter fundamentally affecting which project designs will win or lose competitions. The juries may even seem to over emphasize the importance of sustainability compared to other traditional criteria like daylight.