Happy Holidays from SPINN!

As the holidays approach and 2014 winds to a close, SPINN Arkitekter would like to take a minute to thank our great clients, friends and collaborators for an amazing year!

2014 saw the completion of Mesterfjellet School in Larvik for Larvik Kommunale Eiendom. We watched this year as the building transformed from a busy building site to a lively 1-10 school full of excited students, hard working teachers, and a lovely principal to keep them all in order! We congratulate Buer Entreprenør on the quality work they have done, and already miss our close on-site collaboration. HUGE thanks go out to our friends at CEBRA and Østengen & Bergo Landskapsarkitekter. Without them the project would never have come about, or been the same. Thanks also to our former colleagues at Various Architects, where this all started.  

New Harestad School has progressed from schematic to detail design in 2014, with tender documents going out in early 2015. With this project, and the addition of Tilo Pfleger to SPINN we have taken BIM to another level. Thanks to a great client and project team in Randaberg and thanks for a fantastic collaboration with our colleagues at Alliance Arkitekter in Stavanger. We hope that in just 2 years time the 5'th to 10'th graders of Randaberg will enjoy their new school as much as the students in Larvik are today!

Grindbakken School in Oslo started as a minor ventilation upgrade and turned into a major refurbishment and environmental upgrade. Thanks to our client Undervisningsbygg in Oslo for renewing our framework agreement, and our collaboration with office-mates / good friends at Kontur. We look forward to continuing the project in 2015 when the contractor is on board.

Finally, we finish off 2014 with the delivery of sketch designs of a new school project above the arctic circle! New Baksalen School in Hammerfest is our first "solo" school project since SPINN was established in 2012. Thanks to our collaborators at Norconsult Bergen for their good pedagogical advice, and to ECOBIM for digital simulations of the weather on site. We are all looking forward to developing the project further in 2015.

It's been a great year for all of us at SPINN Arkitekter, and we wish you all the best for 2015.

 Happy Holidays from all of us at SPINN - Ingrid, Daniel, Tilo, Leif & James!