New videos from Mesterfjellet School

Mesterfjellet School has recently opened it's doors to 530 students ranging from ages 5 to 16. Students and teachers have finally taken over the school we have been working on for years! SPINN recently found a couple of great videos on the web that do a great job of showing off the school on the web. We've also had our own photographer on site to document the building, and look forward to sharing photos from Jiri Havran soon.

"Opening Day" from NRK shows the school in full action! Dancing teachers, loads of kids on the stairs and playground. What more could an architect want than to see their building in use like this? 

Click here to see Opening Day on NRK web-tv.

Woodify, the producer of the perforated wooden panels and interior fire-treated wood has also made their own video to showcase their addition to the school. The video and stills were taken before all the furniture was moved in, but it does a great job of showing off the space and the nordic material palette of the interiors. Our goal was to have a neutral, but warm, interior that forms a backdrop for the dynamic color that the students and teachers will add to the space. There's a great contrast in the two videos that shows how well this works. Lene, project leader from Buer Entreprenør, also does a good job of explaining some of the features of the school (in norwegian).