New Baksalen School - sketch design underway!

SPINN Arkitekter have started work on the design of a new 1-7 school in Hammerfest, Norway - the northernmost city in the world! Partner James Dodson visited Hammerfest for a start-up meeting two weeks ago to meet the client and visit the site. 

The design team is working on a site massing concept for the site that will allow the existing school to remain open during the building period. We are also doing studies of the existing school to see portions of it can be re-used for other civic programs, such as a daycare. 

SPINN have teamed up with ECOBIM for climate simulation studies of the site to see the effects of wind and snow buildup on the new building. Hammerfest's windy arctic climate poses unique challenges when it comes to creating good outdoor spaces for the students. We are optimizinb our design concepts via simulation and iterative 3D modeling to explore ways to create wind-breaks and avoid unwanted snow build-up around entrances. We are also working closely with pedagogical consultant Beate Aske Løtvedt from Norconsult Bergen to control the room program and functions of the school.

More photos on the Baksalen project page

Massing workshop @ SPINN Arkitekter. Mess = Progress!

Massing workshop @ SPINN Arkitekter. Mess = Progress!