Architectural VR Visualization Demo with Kim Baumann Larsen

Today SPINN Arkitekter hosted a lunch presentation with our old friend (and visualization legend) Kim Baumann Larsen. Equipped with two Samsung mobile phones and VR-Gear headsets, we were treated to a well-informed discussion of the state of VR Visualization in architecture and a hands-on demonstration of what cutting-edge architectural VR looks like in a mobile format. The results were impressive!

"Architecture has a significant potential to use this technology because good VR gives a feeling of togetherness (PRESENCE) and the ability to understand space and sizes in a way that can only be compared to being present in the finished building." - Kim Baumann Larsen

Judging from the scenes we witnessed today, we agree. SPINN looks forward to further experimentation and to seeing some SPINN Arkitekter projects in stereo VR! 

Interested in more information about Architectural Visualization in Virtual Reality? Take a listen to Kim's recent interview on the CG Garage Podcast. (Warning, Hard core CG factor!). Also, follow him on Twitter @kimusan

An example of architectural VR by Steelblue

An example of architectural VR by Steelblue