HOT Hiking Cabins in the Press

In the weeks before summer, SPINN Arkitekter took the following brief from Hammerfest og Omegn Turlag (HOT) to heart and created a spectacular new destination for day-trip hiking above the arctic circle:

"We envisage a small warm space, with good windows, a wood burning stove, and simple benches placed near top, in harmony with the terrain." - HOT project brief

This weekend, HOT went public with our design in a 5 page interview in Finnmark Dagbladet. Journalist Helle Østvik calls the project "the region's toughest hiking cabin". SPINN's design includes a pair of matching cabins that will look across Hammerfest harbor from Tyven and Storfjell. 

The project is a collaboration with Format Engineers from London who contributed to the structural concept of the cabin's cross-laminated timber shell. The cabin's rounded nature-inspired shape will be divided into six-sided flat panels using specially written algorythms and parametric modeling.

We look forward to further developing the project with HOT and Format!  

Feature article in Finnmark Dagblad by Helle Østvik.

Feature article in Finnmark Dagblad by Helle Østvik.