Gilles & Cecilie win public art commission in Randaberg

The Norwegian-French artist duo has their base in London whilst working across the globe on a series of international projects. "The Alphabet Project" is the name of their winning submission for Harestad school and Randaberg culture scene. This is how they describe their art project:

´Art should explore and develop relations between art and library in a new and unexpected way. The overarching idea with the art for Harestad school and Randaberg culture scene is that it should arouse curiosity and contribute to new conversations and reflections.'

SPINN Arkitekter partner James Dodson says "Their artwork will be a major contribution to the new school and cultural stage. It will engage the students experience of their new school with a series of pieces featuring uplifting statements and fantastic colors. We couldn't have asked for a better submission to the competition".

The three competing  artists were Gilles & Cecilie Studio (London / Norway), Per Dybvig (Berlin / Stavanger) and Jorunn Sannes, Oslo. 

See their winning project here

Gilles and Cecilie

Gilles and Cecilie