SPINN says yes to relevant experience!

Partner James Dodson has joined the on-going debate about public procurement and the sometimes strict requirements for relevant experience within different project types. In response to a previous debate article by Geir Brendeland, Dodson rebukes the catch 22 notion that "it's impossible to design schools if you haven't already built one".

SPINN is proof that it is indeed possible for new companies to break through in niche markets, like schools. Founded in 2012, SPINN now has 1 completed school, 2 schools opening in 2017 and two more currently on the drawing boards. However, getting there has been a process of long-term strategic planning over a period of 8 or more years.

SPINN was founded with a goal of becoming best at programming and designing new schools. We believe our experience, gained over the years by designing and building innovative new school projects, close involvement with teachers and administration underway, while at the same time performing academic research on schools and universal design.

Why shouldn't this experience count positively when public clients are going to choose the architect for their new school? Should architects only compete on price? No thanks! 

Full article in Norwegian here