SPINN partner Leif D. Houck to supervise new PhD program at NMBU

Silvie Le Muzic, former Chief Adviser for Arkitektbedriftene, is the first PhD candidate in a new industry PhD program at NMBU, with SPINN partner Leif Houck as her supervisor. Eight companies within the real estate industry, architectural industry, consulting engineers and contractors have joined forces to support this new program and  research success factors in building processes.

"New knowledge from this study will identify the most important success criteria for optimal collaboration in building projects. Understanding the potential and responsibility for each building phase will increase effectiveness and flexibility for all involved, creating value for the customer, users and society" says PhD candidate Le Muzic. 

Increasing complexity of construction projects, the requirements of new technologies, faster deliveries and new forms of collaboration challenges all industries in construction and property industry. Resulting in a need to supply more efficiently and thus require new interaction.

SPINN Arkitekter are excited about this important new research and the results it may provide.

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Leif D. Houck, Partner / Arkitekt at SPINN

Leif D. Houck, Partner / Arkitekt at SPINN