SPINN on the Gazelle list for 2016!

Gazelles are the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv's annual and prestigious titles to companies experiencing significant revenue growth over several years. The nominated companies also compete for the award "Gazelle of the year", and the winner will be named at an awards banquet in December.

To get on the Gazelle list a company has to meet the following criteria:

  • Provided approved financial statements
  • At least doubled its turnover over four years
  • Revenue over one million NOK the first year
  • Positive overall results
  • Avoided negative growth
  • Been a corporation

SPINN Arkitekter have been rated #57 of 550 companies in the Oslo region. 

All of us at SPINN are very proud to be a part of this prestigious listing! 

More information here: Her er årets gazeller